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Due to COVID-19 concerns, the CAT Association Reunion 2020 in Scottsdale HAS BEEN OFFICIALLY POSTPONED. Once we have rescheduled, we will send you the information in the Bulletin and eNewsletter. Updates will also be posted here and on www.catassociation.org/happenings/reunions/.  Thank you for your patience, and stay safe everyone!  ~Lloyd Coleman

Dr. Joe Leeker has published two fascinating e-books, “The Aircraft of Air America”, and “The History of Air America”. Professor Leeker worked extensively with the University of Texas at Dallas in researching and writing these e-books. Anyone interested in CAT/Air America History would enjoy these reads.

The Aircraft of Air America  (e-book)
by: Dr. Joe F. Leeker
This e-book lists the individual history of all aircraft ever operated by Air America including all known accidents. As the “birth date” of Air America was 31 March 1959, CAT aircraft are only dealt with if they still existed after that date.  Files of interest to readers of the CAT Association are those about the Bell 47, Goose, B-26, C-47, C-46, PBY, B-17, C-54, DC-6, and the Jets.

The History of Air America  (e-book)
by: Dr. Joe F. Leeker
This e-book tries to give a detailed history of Air America and its predecessor Civil Air Transport. It starts with 2 files about CAT operations in Mainland China, then deals with several aspects of CAT operations on Taiwan (structure, scheduled and charter flights, work for the US Government), then presents CAT operations “in remote countries” like New Zealand, Guatemala or Indonesia, and finally deals with operations that began at the times of CAT and still existed at the times of Air America like the Technical Services Division at Tainan, operations out of Japan (including CAT during the Korean War), operations run out of Kadena and Clark Air Bases and missions to Tibet flown by CAT and later Air America.


  1. Rosbert, Bob

    April 5, 2013

    The History of Aviation Council will holding our Spring meeting at the McDermott Library on the campus of UT Dallas on April 16.

    As the CAT Association representative member of HAC I will be in attendance as well as will Bryan Johnson from AAM and Paul Oelkrug, Coordinator for Special Collections UTD among others.

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CAT Reunion 2020 is POSTPONED.

Air America/CAT Retirement Legislation Symposium Transcript.

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Civil Air Transport (CAT) was an airline founded by Lt. General Claire Lee Chennault, leader of the Flying Tigers, and Whiting Willauer of China Defense Supplies at the conclusion of World War II.  Most of the pilots were former Tigers or other combat pilots from the Asian Theatre.  For the next four decades, CAT, and then its successor, Air America, were primary instruments of American foreign policy in Asia.
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