In Memoriam

Over the years we have published memoriams for our parted members and their families in our Bulletins.  The following is an alphabetically tabbed directory of names that link to the particular Bulletin in which the memoriam can be found.  This is a work in progress – we are digitizing our Bulletins, working back from the most recent.  Please check back later if your loved one is not yet listed.

Allaback, Jack  (CAT Bulletin V36-2, Page 2)

Allain, Hank  (CAT Bulletin V29-1, Page 2)

Anastasakes, John George “Stack”  (CAT Bulletin V32-1, Page 2)

Andresevic, Bill  (CAT Bulletin V39-2, Page 2)

Andrews, Geraldine  (CAT Bulletin V34-2, Page 2)

Andrews, Thomas Leonard  (CAT Bulletin 45-1, Page 4)

Arison, Jane  (CAT Bulletin V29-4, Page 2)

Arison, Lin  (CAT Bulletin V23-4, Page 2)

Arnold, William “Bill”  (CAT Bulletin V42-2, Page 2)

Aubrey, Bei Ming  (CAT Bulletin V22-3, Page 2)

Austin, Art Bertram  (CAT Bulletin V20-1, Pages 2-3)

Babjack, Patritia  (CAT Bulletin V38-1, Page 2)

Babjack, Robert C.  (CAT Bulletin V35-1, Page 2)

Bable, Eugene  (CAT Bulletin V24-1, Page 3)

Ball, John W.  (CAT Bulletin V39-3, Page 2)

Baker, Dr. James  (CAT Bulletin V38-2, Page 2)

Barmon, Richard M. “Dick”  (CAT Bulletin V19-4, Page 3)

Bass, Merline W.  (CAT Bulletin V39-2, Page 3)

Bauer, Clyde  (CAT Bulletin V20-3, Page 2)

Becker, Solomon  (CAT Bulletin V45-2, page 4)

Bednekoff, Edna “Irean”  (CAT Bulletin V35-1, Page 2)

Bednekoff, Val G.  (CAT Bulletin V40-2, Page 3)

Berg, Cliff  (CAT Bulletin V36-2, Page 2)

Berg, Margaret  (CAT Bulletin V32-1, Page 2)

Berry, Mary  (CAT Bulletin V9-7&8, Page 2)

Bever, John  (CAT Bulletin V32-1, Page 2)

Beverly, Clarence F.  (CAT Bulletin V47-3, Page 6)

Bigony, Muschi  (CAT Bulletin V21-2, Page 2)

Bigony, Weldon D. “Big”  (CAT Bulletin V41-2, Pages 2-7)

Bird, Bill  (CAT Bulletin V22-3, Page 2)

Bisson, Gary Bryan  (CAT Bulletin V42-3, Page 2)

Blanchford, Jeffrey  (CAT Bulletin 42.3, Page 3)

Bledsoe, Anna  (CAT Bulletin V33-1, Page 2)

Bledsoe, Jim  (CAT Bulletin V24-4, Pages 2-3)

Bluth, David  (CAT Bulletin V38-1, Page 2)

Bokerttorff, John  (CAT Bulletin V35-1, Page 2)

Bond, J. C.  (CAT Bulletin V30-1, Page 2)

Bond, Janet Rae Carlson  (CAT Bulletin V39-3, Page 2)

Bonessa, Harry  (CAT Bulletin V22-4, Page 2)

Boring, James E. “Jim”  (CAT Bulletin V17-4, Page 2)

Boring, Nadia Saharoff  (CAT Bulletin V45-1, Page 4-5)

Boyd, Tallmadge Leslie “Tom”  (CAT Bulletin V8-6, Page 2) 

Bradburn, Reese T, Jr.  (CAT Bulletin V38-2, Pages 2-3)

Braga, Bruno  (CAT Bulletin V38-2, Pages 3 and 4)

Brasil, Edward D.  (CAT Bulletin V14-4, Page 5)

Bryant, Joy  (CAT Bulletin V21-1, Page 2)

Buford, Roger H.  (CAT Bulletin V47-1, Page 5)

Burkett, Geneva  (CAT Bulletin V34-3, Page 2)

Burkett, James “Jim” Ernest  (CAT Bulletin V42-1, Page 2)

Burridge, Alvin Lewis “Lew”  (CAT Bulletin V36-3, Pages 2-4)

Burridge, Ann Kuzniar  (CAT Bulletin V31-2, Page 2)

Bush, Vernon Louis Charles Patrick  (CAT Bulletin V17-3, Pages 3-4)

Bushbaum, Marianne Lucille Walbom  (CAT Bulletin V38-1, Page 2)

Bushbaum, R. L. “Dick”  (CAT Bulletin V15-2, Page 2)

Bussart, Irene  (CAT Bulletin V34-1, Page 2)

Butler, John Hubert  (CAT Bulletin V-43-2, Page 2)

Calhoun, Margaret “Peggy” M  (CAT Bulletin V45-1, Page 5)

Callaghan, Leon  (CAT Bulletin V32-3, Page 2)

Cameron, Mary Ann  (CAT Bulletin V20-1, Page 3)

Canlas, Lading  (CAT Bulletin V46-1, Page 5)

Caron, Robert  (CAT Bulletin V46-2, Page 3)

Carrington, George W., Jr.  (CAT Bulletin V42-1, Page 3)

Carter, Clyde  (CAT Bulletin V35-2, Page 2)

Chang, C.P.  (CAT Bulletin V29-1, Page 2-3)

Chang, Henri  (CAT Bulletin V21-3, Page 2)

Chang, Louise  (CAT Bulletin V23-3, Page 2) 

Chen, Moon  (CAT Bulletin V36-1, Pages 2-3)

Chen, Robert “Bob”  (CAT Bulleting V45-3, Page 4)

Chennault, Anna  (CAT Bulletin V43-1, Pages 2-3)

Chennault, Anne L.  (CAT Bulletin V19-1, Page 2)

Chennault, Max  (CAT Bulletin V26-3, Page 3)

Chao, Eddie  (CAT Bulletin V24-3, Page 3)

Chao, Richard C. C.  (CAT Bulletin V16-1, Page 2)

Chow, Jamean C.  (CAT Bulletin V14-1, Page 2)

Christian, George  (CAT Bulletin V23-3, Page 2)

Clinee, Ray S.  (CAT Bulletin V21-1, Page 3)

Clough, Sylvia Isaacman  (CAT Bulletin V32-3, Page 2)

Cockrell, Harry B. Jr.  (CAT Bulletin V38-3, Page 2)

Cockrell, Mary  (CAT Bulletin V46-2, Page 3)

Comey, Pat Fink  (CAT Bulletin V29-2, Page 3)

Condon, Eloise  (CAT Bulletin V45-3, Page 4)

Condon, John  (CAT Bulletin V29-4, Page 2)

Conrath, Martha  (CAT Bulletin V34-1, Page 2)

Conrath, Robert A.  (CAT Bulletin V17-3, Pages 2-3)

Crook, Derek Russell  (CAT Bulletin V37-3, Page 2)

Crotty, Bartholomew “Bart” John  (CAT Bulletin V39-3, Page 3)

Cummings, Etta B. (CAT Bulletin V40-2, Page 2)

Cummings, Dr. Eugene  (CAT Bulletin V23-3, Page 2)

Cunningham, James H., Jr.  (CAT Bulletin V16-1, Page 2)

Da Costa, Tony  (CAT Bulletin V38-2, Page 4)

Davenport, David  (CAT Bulletin V19-2, Pages 2-3)

Davis, “King George”  (CAT Bulletin V18-4, Page 2)

Davis, Robert V.  (CAT Bulletin V18-2, Page 2)

Dawson, Lt. Cmdr. Hilbert H. “Red”  (CAT Bulletin V8-3&4, Page 5)

Dew, Bill  (CAT Bulletin V22-1, Page 3)

Dexheimer, John  (CAT Bulletin V26-3, Page 2)

Dexheimer, Marge  (CAT Bulletin V36-1, Page 3)

Dreifus, Doug  (CAT Bulletin V26-3, Page 2)

Driscoll, Tom  (CAT Bulletin V28-4, Page 2)

Eckes, Jim  (CAT Bulletin V35-2, Page 2)

Eckholdt, Ed  (CAT Bulletin V24-4, Pages 2-3)

Field, Elizabeth  (CAT Bulletin V35-1, Page 3)

Fink, Jerry  (CAT Bulletin V30-1, Page 3)

Finnerty, Robert “Bob”  (CAT Bulletin V35-2, Page 3)

Finnerty, Lillian Chu  (CAT Bulletin V35-2, Page 3)

Fogg, John  (CAT Bulletin V27-1, Page 2)

Foltz, Jack  (CAT Bulletin V25-2, Page 2)

Fore, James William  (CAT Bulletin V44-2, Page 5)

Fraser, Terry  (CAT Bulletin V39-2, Page 3)

French, Ward M.  (CAT Bulletin V20-1, Page 3)

Funk, Don  (CAT Bulletin V28-1, Page 2)

Gaddie, Bill  (CAT Bulletin V29-2, Page 3)

Gaddie, Diana Russell (CAT Bulletin V41-3, Page 3)

Gaddie, Lera  (CAT Bulletin V38-3, Page 3)

Gaddie, William Donaldson “Donnie”, Jr.  (CAT Bulletin V45-3, Page 5)

Garber, Dave  (CAT Bulletin V28-4, Page 2)

Garber, Betty  (CAT Bulletin V30-2, Page 2)

Gibson, Alfred  (CAT Bulletin V26-2, Page 3)

Glerum, James “Jim”  (CAT Bulletin V46-1, Page 4)

Gluskin, Dave  (CAT Bulletin V32-2, Page 2)

Gluskin, Naomi  (CAT Bulletin V34-4, Page 2)

Gorman, Dorothy  (CAT Bulletin V43-1, Page 3)

Gorman, Frances “Bob” Gaba  (Cat Bulletin V45-1, Page 5-6)

Green, Dortha Hundley Kimball  (CAT Bulletin V32-1, Page 2)

Green, Sophie  (CAT Bulletin V16-1, Page 3)

Green, Var  (CAT Bulletin V35-2, Page 3)

Griffith, Charles Marion Jr.  (CAT Bulletin V44-2, Page 5)

Groves, Patricia “Piper” O’day  (CAT Bulletin V47-1, Page 6)

Grundy, Elizabeth Frances Christerson “Frankie”  (CAT Bulletin V43-1, Page 4)

Grundy, Hugh  (CAT Bulletin V37-1, Pages 2-3)

Guberlet, Elizabeth  (CAT Bulletin V20-2, Page 2)

Guberlet, Frank L.  (CAT Bulletin V19-4, Page 2)

Hacker, John  (CAT Bulletin V26-3, Page 2)

Hacker, Sue Pollock Buol  (CAT Bulletin V33-2, Pages 2-3)

Hanks, Emma Jane  (CAT Bulletin V34-4, Page 2)

Harris, Addie Jo  (CAT Bulletin V41-1, Page 2)

Harris, Charles  (CAT Bulletin V41-1, Page 2)

Hazen, Joseph William  (CAT Bulletin V45-1, Page 6)

Helseth, Emmy S.  (CAT Bulletin V38-1, Page 3)

Henley, Varnell  (CAT Bulletin V14-2, Page 2)

Herd, Lindsey Bruce Jr.  (CAT Bulletin V33-1, Page 2)

Herd, Ruth  (CAT Bulletin V28-1, Page 2)

Herold, Roy L.  (CAT Bulletin V16-1, Page 2)

Hickler, Dave  (CAT Bulletin V27-4, Page 2)

Hickman, Robert  (CAT Bulletin V17-1, Page 2)

Hicks, Marie  (CAT Bulletin V32-3, Page 2)

Hicks, Neese  (CAT Bulletin V29-4, Page 2)

Hicks, Suzan  (CAT Bulletin V35-1, Page 3)

Hildreth, Dee  (CAT Bulletin V30-1, Page 3)

Hildreth, Eugene A. “Pat”  (CAT Bulletin V43-2, Pages 2-3)

Hill, Fern Jones  (CAT Bulletin V15-3, Page 2)

Hill, Mazie Sale  (CAT Bulletin V37-2, Page 2)

Hill, David Lee “Tex”  (CAT Bulletin V32-3, Page 3)

Hitchman, June (CAT Bulletin V35-1, Page 3)

Hobbs, Bill  (CAT Bulletin V34-3, Pages 2-3)

Hobbs, Norma  (CAT Bulletin V8-5, Page 2)

Holden, Edie  (CAT Bulletin V38-3, Page 3)

Holmgren, Dale  (CAT Bulletin V45-2, Page 4)

Hose, Robert “Bob”  (CAT Bulletin V8-3&4, Page 5)

Hsieh, C. F.  (CAT Bulletin V34-2, Page 2)

Hsieh, Johnny  (CAT Bulletin V12-3, Page 2)

Huang, Jack B.  (CAT Bulletin V8-3&4, Page 5)

Hughes, Frank L.  (CAT Bulletin 14-1, Pages 2, 11-12)

Hulse, Merrill  (CAT Bulletin V18-3, Page 2)

Huntley, Frank  (CAT Bulletin V27-3, Page 2)

Huntley, Slats  (CAT Bulletin V16-1, Page 2)

Ingram, Dorothy Branson  (CAT Bulletin V40-2, Page 4)

Jackson, Shirley Chen  (CAT Bulletin V34-4, Page 3)

Jackson, William  (CAT Bulletin, V40-2, Pages 4-5)

Javrothsky, John  (CAT Bulletin V14-3, Page 2)

Jenny, Thomas Gotthart  (CAT Bulletin V42-2, Page 2)

Johnson, Albert A. “Al”  (CAT Bulletin 44-3, Page 4)

Johnson, Brian K.  (CAT Bulletin V47-3, Page 6)

Johnson, Fumi  (CAT Bulletin V35-2, Page 4)

Johnson, Mary L.  (CAT Bulletin V44-1, Page 3)

Johnson, Merrill D.  (CAT Bulletin V16-2, Page 2)

Johnson, Ralph William  (CAT Bulletin V8-3&4, Page 5)

Joiner, Sid  (CAT Bulletin V23-3, Page 2)

Joiner, Billie  (CAT Bulletin V46-2, Page 4)

Jones, Muriel  (CAT Bulletin V8-6, Page 3)

Joslin, Andy  (CAT Bulletin V30-1, Page 3)

Judkins, Al  (CAT Bulletin V22-4, Page 2)

Kanter, Howard  (CAT Bulletin V45-2, Page 5)

Kanter, Julia A.  (CAT Bulletin V45-2, Page 5)

Keck, James Warren  (CAT Bulletin V35-2, Page 4)

Keisel, Eleanor M.  (CAT Bulletin V38-1, Page 3)

Kelly, James R.  (CAT Bulletin V38-2, Pages 4-5)

Kelly, Virginia A. “Ginny”  (CAT Bulletin V43-2, Page 3)

Kiang, Ding Fong  (CAT Bulletin V44-2, Page 6)

Kiang, Roger  (CAT Bulletin V31-2, Page 2)

Kindt, Al  (CAT Bulletin V24-1, Page2)

Kirkpatrick, E. C. “Kirk”  (CAT Bulletin V22-2, Page 2)

Klann, Herman R. “Bob”  (CAT Bulletin V14-4, Page 5)

Kluber, Bob  (CAT Bulletin V32-1, Page 2)

Knorr, James  (CAT Bulletin V36-3, Page 5)

Kovarik, Robert Charles  (CAT Bulletin V45-1, Page 7)

Kreig, Russ  (CAT Bulletin V19-3, Page 3)

Krohn, Tom  (CAT Bulletin V30-2, Page 2)

Kusak, Steve  (CAT Bulletin V29-2, Page 2)

Kuzmuk, Faye G.  (CAT Bulletin V38-2, Page 5)

Kuzmuk, Walter P.  (CAT Bulletin V38-2, Page 5)

LaDue, Michael E.  (CAT Bulletin V38-2, Page 4)

Lair, James William “Bill”  (CAT Bulletin V39-3, Page 3)

Lampard, David Austin  (CAT Bulletin V22-1, Page 2)

LaShom, Leon  (CAT Bulletin V21-1, Page 2)

Lasser, Warren  (CAT Bulletin V12-3, Page 2)

Lazarus, Artie  (CAT Bulletin V19-3, Page 3)

Lazarus, Mary  (CAT Bulletin V19-1, Page 2)

Leary, Dr. William M.  (CAT Bulletin V31-1, Page 2)

Lee, Cynthia Chan  (CAT Bulletin V45-3, Pages 5-6)

Lee, John E.  (CAT Bulletin V42-2, Page 3)

Lee, Peggy Chennault  (CAT Bulletin V30-1, Page 2)

Lee, Richard Y. H., M.D.  (CAT Bulletin V45-3, Pages 6-7)

Leister, Jack  (CAT Bulletin V30-2, Page 3)

Lewis, Howard Leonard  (CAT Bulletin V-41-2, Page 7)

Lewis, Robert “Stretch”  (CAT Bulletin V17-2, Page 2)

Letendre, Leroy “Lee” A.  (CAT Bulletin V40-1, Pages 2-3)

Ling, Ronnie  (CAT Bulletin V29-4, Page 3)

Lopshire, Lynn B.  (CAT Bulletin V44-2, Page 6)

Maguire, Robert B.  (CAT Bulletin V43-2, Page 3)

Malcolm, Allan  (CAT Bulletin V45-2, Page 6)

Matsis, Rita  (CAT Bulletin V32-1, Page 2)

Matsis, Theodore  (CAT Bulletin V36-3, Page 5)

Maupin, Jim  (CAT Bulletin V19-2, Page 3)

Maupin, Peggy  (CAT Bulletin V41-1, Page 3)

McCallum, Mike  (CAT Bulletin V27-2, Page 2)

McCann, Nadya  (CAT Bulletin V23-1, Page 3)

McElroy, Helen Ewald  (CAT Bulletin V42-3, Page 4)

McElroy, Jim  (CAT Bulletin V29-1, Page 2)

McKenna, James McGarry “Garry”  (CAT Bulletin V46-2, Page 4)

McKernan, Ed  (CAT Bulletin V27-1, Page 4)

McRaney, John  (CAT Bulletin V31-1, Page 3)

Mei, Henriette  (CAT Bulletin V22-4, Page 2)

Mei, P. K.  (CAT Bulletin V18-1, Page 2)

Melich, Henry Anoch  (CAT Bulletin V46-2, Page 4)

Mesecher, Boyd  (CAT Bulletin V39-1, Page 3)

Mesecher, Carol Wei  (CAT Bulletin V16-1, Page 3)

Milan, Ken (CAT Bulletin V26-3, Page 2)

Milan, Mary Pawlak  (CAT Bulletin V38-3, Page 4) 

Mitchell, Ed, Jr.  (CAT Bulletin V29-1, Page 2)

Mixon, Charles  (CAT Bulletin V32-3, Page 3)

Mixon, Shirley  (CAT Bulletin V40-1, Page 3)

Moore, Jim “Indian”  (CAT Bulletin V24-4, Page 3)

Morrison, George Denton  (CAT Bulletin V38-1, Page 3)

Mullins, Jane  (CAT Bulletin V34-4, Page 3)

Murray, Bob  (CAT Bulletin V33-1, Page 3)

Myers, Eve (CAT Bulletin V25-2, Page 2)

Newell, Harold  (CAT Bulletin V17-2, Page 2)

Newell, Olive  (CAT Bulletin V17-2, Page 2)

Nowling, Maxine  (CAT Bulletin V15-3, Page 12)

Pairman, Duncan  (CAT Bulletin V19-3, Page 3)

Palmer, William “Bill”  (CAT Bulletin V39-3, Page 3)

Palmquist, Gordon William  (CAT Bulletin V42-1, Page 3-4)

Palmquist, Martha Jane  (CAT Bulletin V-35-2, Page 4)

Penniman, Tom  (CAT Bulletin V28-3, Page 2)

Pinkava, Adelaide “Laddie”  (CAT Bulletin V24-1, Page 2)

Pittenger, Louise  (CAT Bulletin V41-1, Page 3)

Pitts, Al  (CAT Bulletin, V35-2, Page 4)

Plake, Emilie  (CAT Bulletin V35-1, Page 3)

Plank, Hideko  (CAT Bulletin V43-1, Page 5)

Plank, Molly  (CAT Bulletin V19-2, Page 3)

Platt, Adfred “Fred”  (CAT Bulletin V42-1, Page 4-5)

Pope, Allen Lawrence  (CAT Bulletin V45-1, Page 7)

Porter, Judith Elaine  (CAT Bulletin V38-3, Page 4)

Price, Douglas Robert  (CAT Bulletin V40-2, Pages 5-6)

Price, Meg  (CAT Bulletin V23-3, Page 2)

Price, Richard  (CAT Bulletin V47-1, Page 6)

Rector, Ed  (CAT Bulletin V26-2, Page 2)

Reber. Charles  (CAT Bulletin V12-3, Page 2)

Reimer, Ward S.  (CAT Bulletin V38-2, Page 5)

Richardson, Kay Tamada  (CAT Bulletin V35-1, Page 3)

Richardson, Mary Hayhurst  (CAT Bulletin V20-2, Page 2)

Richardson, Randall  (CAT Bulletin V39-1, Page 4)

Richardson, Sylvia  (CAT Bulletin V20-3, Page 2)

Rinker, Donald  (CAT Bulletin V34-1, Page 3)

Rinker, Martha  (CAT Bulletin V30-1, Page 3)

Robertson, Renee Lym  (CAT Bulletin V40-1, Pages 4-5)

Rogers, Pauline “Polly” Butchko  (CAT Bulletin V43-2, Page 4)

Rosbert, Joe  (CAT Bulletin V32-1, Page 3)

Rosbert, Lydia K. “Lil”  (CAT Bulletin V35-1, Page 4)

Rose, Warren  (CAT Bulletin V14-3, Page 2)

Rossi, John Richard  (CAT Bulletin V33-2, Pages 4-5)

Roth, Frank  (CAT Bulletin V22-2, Page 2)

Rousselot, Richard Jason  (CAT Bulletin V37-1, Page 4)

Rousselot, Robert E.  (CAT Bulletin V32-2, Pages 3-4)

Rusinowitz, Jerry  (CAT Bulletin V24-1, Page 2)

Salley, Adys R.  (CAT Bulletin V27-1, Page 4)

Sailer, Tom  (CAT Bulletin V24-2, Pages 3-4

Sailer, Zena  (CAT Bulletin V43-2, Pages 4-5)

Sakurai, Mazumi “Ollie”  (CAT Bulletin V20-4, Page 2)  

Samson, Jack  (CAT Bulletin V32-2, Page 4)

Samson, Victoria Blanchard  (CAT Bulletin V39-3, Page 3)

Savard, Al  (CAT Bulletin V27-3, Page 2)

Schier, John Elmore  (CAT Bulletin V44-1, Pages 3-4)

Schwartz, Katherine  (CAT Bulletin V28-1, Page 4)

Schwartz, Norm
(Special Memorial – CAT Bulletin V27-4, Pages 1-3)
(Courier Journal – CAT Bulletin V25-3, Pages 3-7)

Seale, Michael Daniel  (CAT Bulletin V36-2, Page 3)

Seigrist, Connie  (CAT Bulletin V33-1, Page 3)

Senffner, Pam  (CAT Bulletin V34-1, Page 3)

Severt, Roger W. “Bill”  (CAT Bulletin V44-1, Pages 4-5)

Shaver, Joanne  (CAT Bulletin V29-4, Page 3)

Shaver, Monson William  (CAT Bulletin V35-2, Page 5)

Shen, Matthew  (CAT Bulletin V19-2, Page 3)

Shilling, Erik  (CAT Bulletin V27-1, Page 3)

Shreffler, Roger  (CAT Bulletin V23-4, Page 2)

Silber, Avery  (CAT Bulletin V22-4, Page 2)

Sims, Eddie Francis  (CAT Bulletin V43-1, Page 5-6)

Sims, Kuniko “Terry”  (CAT Bulletin V15-3, Page 2)

Sizemore, Evelyn  (CAT Bulletin V37-2, Page 3)

Shu, P. Y.  (CAT Bulletin V19-1, Page 2)

Sizemore, Bob  (CAT Bulletin V19-1, Pages 3-4)

Smith, Ada Davidnova  (CAT Bulletin V43-2, Pages 5-6) 

Smith, Douglas  (CAT Bulletin V34-4, Page 4)

Smith, Felix Turney  (CAT Bulletin V43-3, Pages 3-11)
(CAT Bulletin V44-2, Page 4, “Felix’s Last Cruise” by Clark Hatch & Susan B. Walker) 

Smith, Greg  (CAT Bulletin V32-1, Page 3)

Snoddy, Bob  (Special Memorial – CAT Bulletin V27-4, Pages 1-3)

Sorrell, James O.  (CAT Bulletin V18-2, Page 2)

Souder, Ed  (CAT Bulletin V19-2, Page 3)

Spencer, Dean Brodie  (CAT Bulletin V25-1, Page 2)

Springweiler, Max  (CAT Bulletin V19-4, Pages 2-3)

Springweiler, Ruth  (CAT Bulletin V23-1, Page 3)

Stallman, John  (CAT Bulletin V30-1, Page 3)

Stallman, Ruth  (CAT Bulletin V18-3, Page 2)

Stevens, Bea  (CAT Bulletin V35-2, Page 5)

Stevens, George A.  (CAT Bulletin V21-3, Page 2)

Stewart, Jim  (CAT Bulletin V23-2, Page 2)

Stiles, John Lawrence “Jack”  (CAT Bulletin V44-1, Pages 5-6)

Stone, Jim (CAT Bulletin V24-3, Page 2)

Stone, Patricia  (CAT Bulletin V33-2, Page 5)

Stubbs, George Clinton and Shiuki Shea  (CAT Bulletin V43-1, Page 6)

Sun, Bill  (CAT Bulletin V27-1, Page 3)

Sun, Mary  (CAT Bulletin V45-2, Page 6)

Sun, Nora  (CAT Bulletin V36-2, Pages 4-5)

Sutphin, Ronald  (CAT Bulletin V32-3, Page 3)

Swapp, Edith  (CAT Bulletin V35-1, Page 4)

Sykes, Joe  (CAT Bulletin V23-1, Page 2)

Tai, Ambrose  (CAT Bulletin V12-3, Page 2)

Tam, David “Shorty”  (CAT Bulletin V46-2, Page 4)

Tang, Kenneth  (CAT Bulletin V28-1, Page 3)

Tatham, Anne  (CAT Bulletin V44-3, Page 4)

Tay, Paul  (CAT Bulletin V23-2, Page 2)

Teeters, Don  (CAT Bulletin V34-1, Page 3)

Teeters, Stella  (CAT Bulletin V20-1, Page 2)

Tepas, Lois E.  (CAT Bulletin V44-2, Page 6)

Thompson, Roy “Tommy”  (CAT Bulletin V21-2, Page 2)

Thorsrud, Gar  (CAT Bulletin V40-1, Page 6)

Tingle, Bruce Edzell  (CAT Bulletin V38-1, Page 3)

Traylor, David Ray  (CAT Bulletin V44-3, Page 5)

Tseng, Chang Kwun “C.K.”  (CAT Bulletin V38-1, Page 4)

Tseng, David & Hsiao-Ian  (CAT Bulletin V7-5&6, Page 4)

Tu, Kwei “Duke”  (CAT Bulletin V25-1, Page 2)

Tyler, Jim  (CAT Bulletin V17-1, Page 2)

Walker, Fred  (CAT Bulletin V24-1, Pages 2-3)

Walker, Phyllis  (CAT Bulletin V22-1, Page 3)

Wang, Stanley  (CAT Bulletin V34-4, Page 4)

Watson, Mildred  (CAT Bulletin V15-3, Page 12)

Watts, Roy F.  (CAT Bulletin V39-3, Page 4)

Wedderburn, Dr. Gren  (CAT Bulletin V23-1, Page 2)

Wei, Ching  (CAT Bulletin V42-3, Page 5)

Wells, Max Garland  (CAT Bulletin V37-2, Page 3)

Welk, Maria Stella  (CAT Bulletin V45-1, Page 7)

Welk, William J. “Bill”  (CAT Bulletin V14-4, Pages 2-5)

Wen-San, Dr. Wang  (CAT Bulletin V19-3, Page 2)

West, Rev. Dr. D. Kirkland “Kirk”  (CAT Bulletin V7-5&6, Page 4)

Wheate, Frances  (CAT Bulletin V15-2, Page 2)

Wheate, Lou  (CAT Bulletin V28-4, Page 2)

Wight, Helen  (CAT Bulletin V34-1, Page 4)

Willauer, Whiting Russell  (CAT Bulletin V38-1, Page 4)

Willems, Ken  (CAT Bulletin V18-4, Page 2)

Williams, John  (CAT Bulletin V18-1, Page 2)

Williamson, Dale  (CAT Bulletin V23-1, Page 3)

Williamson, Mildred “Millie” Bentley  (CAT Bulletin V42-3, Page 6)

Wilson, Alexander  (CAT Bulletin V39-3, Page 4)

Wilson, Art “Shower Shoes”  (CAT Bulletin V9-7&8, Page 2)

Wilson, Bryan Arthur  (CAT Bulletin V16-2, Page 3)

Wilson, Nina  (CAT Bulletin V24-2, Page 2)

Wiren, John C.  (CAT Bulletin V42-3, Page 6)

Wood, Mioko Takeshita  (CAT Bulletin V45-1, Page 8)

Woodrow, Robert  (CAT Bulletin V17-2, Page 2)

Wong, Don  (CAT Bulletin V30-2, Page 2)

Wu, Edith  (CAT Bulletin V30-2, Page 3)

Wu, Sammy  (CAT Bulletin V9-6&7, Page 2)

Wueste, Lillian  (CAT Bulletin V37-1, Page 3)

Yu, Joseph  (CAT Bulletin V35-1, Page 4)

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Civil Air Transport (CAT) was an airline founded by Lt. General Claire Lee Chennault, leader of the Flying Tigers, and Whiting Willauer of China Defense Supplies at the conclusion of World War II.  Most of the pilots were former Tigers or other combat pilots from the Asian Theatre.  For the next four decades, CAT, and then its successor, Air America, were primary instruments of American foreign policy in Asia.
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